JUPITER is placed next to Saturn. He is the greatest in appearance to our eyes, of all the planets (the ☉, ☽, and ♀ excepted): in his colour he is bright, clear, and of an azure hue. In his motion he exceeds Saturn, finishing his course through the twelve signs, in 14 years, 314 days, and 12 hours; his middle motion is 4 minutes 52 seconds. His greatest north latitude is 1° 38′. His greatest south latitude is 1° 40′. He is retrograde about 120 days, is five days in his first station before retrogradation, and four days stationary before direction.

Nature.–He is a masculine planet, temperately hot and moist, and the greater fortune; author of temperance, modesty, sobriety, justice.

Manners and Actions when well placed.–Then he is magnanimous, faithful, bashful, aspiring in an honourable way at high matters; in all his actions a lover of fair dealing, desiring to benefit all men; doing glorious actions; honourable and religious, of sweet and affable conversation, wonderfully indulgent to his wife and children, reverencing aged men, a great reliever of the poor, full of charity and godliness; liberal, hating all sordid actions; just, wise, prudent, grateful and virtuous; so that when you find ♃ the significator of any man in question, and well dignified, you may judge him well qualified as aforesaid.

When ill dignified.–When ♃ is unfortunate, then he wastes his patrimony, suffers every one to cozen him, is hypocritically religious, tenacious, and obstinate in maintaining false tenets in religion; he is ignorant, careless, nothing caring for the love of his friends; of a gross. dull capacity;

systematical, abasing himself in all companies, insinuating and stooping where no necessity is.

Corporature.–He signifies an upright, straight, and tall stature; brown, ruddy, and lovely complexion; of an oval or long visage, and full or fleshy; high forehead; large grey eyes; hair soft, and a kind of auburn brown; much beard; a large deep belly; strong proportioned thighs and legs, his feet long, being the most uncomely parts of his body; in his speech he is sober, and of grave discourse.

Oriental.–The skin more clear, his complexion honey colour, or between a white and red, sanguine, ruddy colour; great eyes, the body more fleshy; generally some mole or scar on the right foot.

Occidental.–A pure and lovely complexion, the stature more short, the hair a light brown, or near a dark flaxen, and smooth; bald about the temple or forehead.

Quality in general.–He signifies judges, senators, counsellors, ecclesiastical men, bishops, priests, ministers, cardinals, chancellors, doctors of the civil law, young scholars and students in an university or college, lawyers, clothiers, woollen drapers.

Diseases.–Pleurisies, all infirmities in the liver, apoplexies, inflammation of the lungs, palpitation and trembling of the heart, cramps, pain in the back bone, all diseases lying in the veins or ribs, and proceeding from corruption of blood; quinzies, flatulence; all putrefaction in the blood, or fevers proceeding from too great abundance thereof.

Places.–He delights in being near altars of churches, in public conventions, synods, convocations; in places neat and sweet; in wardrobes, courts of justice, and oratories. His greatest years are 428; his greater, 79; his mean, 45; least, 12.

Men of middle age, or of a full judgment and discretion, are described by him. Babylon, Persia, Hungaria, Spain, Cullen, are ruled by him.