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TAROT READING, FREE, IMMEDIATE, WITHOUT REGISTRATION! Tarot gratis reading and online! Three-card method, suitable for giving an overview of the situation. Tarot card Waite! Reading performed with 78 cards, straight and upside-down, Tarot Love, Tarot Work, Tarot Success. The most complete and reliable. Meanings differentiated for overturned and straight cards. Based on the cards of the famous Esoterist Waite. Suitable for love, work and various advice. tend:
  • the first card will tell you the initial or starting situation
  • the second card the constraints to overcome
  • the third will end.
How to read:
  1. Think about the question
  2. Move the mouse over this tarot deck to mix it
  3. Choose your three card
  4. Read the response.
The reading will be made between all the cards of the minor Arcana and Major Arcana either straight or upside down.

Tarot gratis! Choose the cards and read the response! Love, success, astro!

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